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Cornelius in India
Cornelius in India

I grew up in Gauteng and spent most of my time in Pretoria.
Loved computers so much that I changed schools in the first quarter of grade 10 or the old standard 8 to go to another school just to take computer science as a subject AND had to cycle 5Km further to attend High School SP. C.R. Swart
After school I went to Tuks to study my B.Sc Computer Science and completed it in 1999/06. The rest of my career is in my CV if you are interested.
I moved to UK in 2003 and came back to our sunny ZA in 2012. AND let me tell you, I love it here, plus ALL countries have their faults and difficulties so stop complaining and live positively!

I am a husband, father of 4 beautiful kids, 4 dog, 1 cat, 3 chickens, 2 Zebra finches and the Koi dam need to be completed one day. Nope I live in Centurion and not on a farm.
I love trees that not only make shade but deliver food, so I have 3 nut trees on my side walk (Macadamia and Pecan Nut) and in my yard 1 Nectarine, 1 Yellow Peach, 1 Fig, 1 Apricot, 2 Macadamia, 1 Citrus (not sure what) and 1 mulberry.
Also in the garden is BEAUTIFUL, FULL aroma roses. My opinion is that if a rose doesn’t smell nice it is not a rose. Yup, I love nature.
O, I also have a Chilly plant or 2 and some other veggies.

While I was in UK, I was sent to India on 3 occasions to assist my team of 30 Developers, this is where my Profile photo was taken. Also we travelled a lot in the UK seeing that it is soooo small, now that I am back I realize we ZA people usually go to 2 places only: the Sea or the Bush, so it is my aim to travel to “Gat Sonder Deksel” and all the other obscure places in ZA.

So my claim to fame is that when I was in lower school (1987) I did not want to use the F*** word, so playing around with letters I got to FREAK or FREAKEN, though I spelt it FRIEK or FRIEKEN. Think about it, why would an English person say Freaken person or Freaken hell… doesn’t make sense, though this word is now so much used all over the world that no one except my family would assign this fame to my name…
The other word I started to use (2014) a lot is “SNAP” in terms of: you may say “I love this weather!” and I would say “SNAP” as in Yes I like this weather too, or basically to agree.

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