Investments, Banks, Interest, etc.

This is a page where you could tell me if you are up for a joint venture and/or lending your personal money out for better rates than the bank. You could also look at Property Real Estate Training and Observations

Most of us got the standard idea of “saving” your money in the bank. What is the interest rate you are getting for your money? 6% or maybe 7% if you are lucky. Now what is the “average” inflation rate +6%. In actual fact if you get 6% and inflation isĀ  6% then your money is actually NOT working for you and you would basically get less out than what you put in.

What if you could lend out your money at 8% or even 15% !!!! Now your money can actually work for you.

I would be glad to offer you anything from 8% dependent on lending time, amount, etc.

Why not fill in the form and make your money work for you?

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