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Personal Details:

Name: Cornelius Mostert
Address: Centurion, Gauteng
Email: CJM (AT) CorneliusMostert (DOT) com
Tel: +27 (0)79 099 5412


A goal driven, highly determined and dynamic IT professional with a portfolio of technical and non-technical skills; a good communicator (written and verbal) and problem solver; excels in teamwork (both co-ordination and contribution); with proven experience in full project lifecycle and an array of management knowledge. Good understanding of market dynamics, business principles and practices.

Through initialising several new methods and products, not only the efficiency of the teams were multiplied, but end products substantially improved in stability and quality saving time in the long run because maintenance releases were needed less frequently.

I am seeking a challenging role in a progressive and meritocratic environment, which will enable me to continue undertaking my responsibilities as an IT specialist.


University of Pretoria M.IT – Masters in IT 2017
University of Pretoria B.Sc. Computer Science (Information Technology) 1999
Highschool SP CR Swart Year 12 / Grade 12 / Matriek 1995
Bytes Effective Communication in the Workplace 2015
Dynamic Seminars Communication Skills Training 2015
Bytes MS Excel 2013: Data Analysis 2015
Bytes MS Project 2013 2014
Bytes Project Principals 2014
Learning Tree Project Management 2008
IntaSoft AllChange CM Tool 2007
PTP Communication skills 2004
Oracle South Africa Oracle 9i PL/SQL Fundamentals 2002
MGX Rational ‘Clear Case’ and RUP 2002
Sage USA Sage Developer: Customise Sage Acuity 1999

Masters of Information Technology – University of Pretoria January 2015 – December 2016

This course is designed with the CIO in mind and students are selected very carefully, usually only 40 students per annum out of about 300 applicants.
The course consists of class work and a mini-dissertation and the final mark was 65.72%.

MIT835     Information and knowledge management
MIT842     Computer science in perspective
MIT843     Information in perspective
MIT850     Life-cycle and maturity models for IT
MIT851     Digital economy
MIT852     ICT project management
MIT853     Corporate IT systems
MIT860     ICT infrastructure management
MIT862     IT research
MIT841     Organisational behaviour and management
MIT840     Mini-dissertation
MIT864     IT financial management
MIT844     Strategic ICT management
MIT880     Mini-dissertation 880

Employment History:

Tourvest Retail – Production Systems Manager

February 2020 – Current

Starting an exciting new journey with Tourvest Retail. Whatch this space!!

CJM IT Systems (South Africa)

June 2018 – January 2020

CJM IT Systems is focusing on all IT and Business related projects. From business analysis to SME advice, full SDLC to project and programme management. Using cloud, Linux and Windows technologies.

Saratoga & Innervasion Rewards – Business Process Re-engineering

A sort term project to map the “As Is” and “To Be” process for the Innervasion Rewards business. The business grew exponentially an needed to reevaluate their processes to sustain the growth.

Quick wins were implemented as soon as these were identified. Some of these included MS Excel macro files to generate instruction forms with auto generated emails, process re-engineering to speedup elapsed time and automated other manual processes.

ABSA Bank – Barclays Bank Separation

Working on the EDGE – VALPRE project, this is, Human Resources (HR) systems separation project. We had to analyse the applications that was used and find suitable alternatives to assist ABSA to separate from Barclays across the African continent.

Data Transformation and Migration

  • Data analyses and migration was introduced to migrate the required data from the old systems to the new (ETL).
  • Several tools were used to make sure the data quality was high, including some Excel and VBA scripts developed by myself.

Business Analysis and Project Management

  • Working as BA and PM on the Shares management separation. This data was classed as top secret data in ABSA.
  • Assisting with the vendor on boarding process.
  • Performed vital communication functions between Barclays PLC (UK) and the project team.
  • Managed the daily/weekly stand-up sessions.
  • Interfaced with the shareholder participants and programme managers.
  • Data interfaces were designed around SAP and Workday reports for import and Excel exports for the financial valuation modelling.
  • This project went live on time (30 April 2019) and on budget, making use of ShareForce 360’s application hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Knowledge Management

  • Configured the Programme’s Confluence knowledge management pages.
  • Trained several employees on how to use the system.
  • Assisting employees to adhere to the standards put in place by performing quality control on the pages generated.
  • Assisted in transferring critical design authority PowerPoint packs to Confluence.


    • The entire contract was to aligning development with infrastructure and business operations.

Reason for Leaving: Contract came to an end.

The Capital hotel and apartment group

  • Performed an IT Audit on the current IT systems and processes in place
  • Provided advice on the infrastructure and software that would be required to grow the company from their current 8 hotels to 50 hotels within the next 10 years.
  • Presented an infrastructure plan that would save the company R8,000,000 over a 5 year period on IT cost.

Reason for Leaving: Contract was for auditing purposes only.

BriteHouse (South Africa)

June 2016 – May 2018

BriteHouse is a division of Dimension Data and performs IT consulting services in various sectors. Some of the clients include Nedbank, ABSA, Standard Bank, and various other big names.

Nedbank – Senior Business Analyst

Compliancy projects

  • LPA – Legal practice act, this is a change that came into effect to better control Legal practices’ trust accounts at the banks. This impacted several core banking systems.
  • EDP – This was to make sure the bank can report back to the Reserve bank on all of its systems and transactions. This is to prevent any mistakes from happening, from start to finish, during the processes.

  • This is a social media site for small businesses in South Africa. It contains articles, Q&A, tagging of other users on the site, etc. and serves as a place for South African businesses to ask questions and gain a lot of knowledge on how to do things in South Africa. The site is only powered by Nedbank and not a Nedbank site.


  • The bank is acting as an agent on behalf of CIPC and allows anyone to register a company through this interface. This project was to incorporate the annual returns process for companies into the current CIPC tool of Nedbank.

Robotics / Automation

  • This is an ongoing project to automate some of the processes in several areas in the business banking department making use of Blue Prism. The requirements were captured in Confluence.

Ned the Nedbank Chatbot

  • This project is an ongoing project to generate a concierge chatbot for the Nedbank website and Facebook messenger.


  • Aligning development cycles in an Agile fashion to business operations.


  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning around Big Data to find patterns and classes in the data as well as Natural Language Processing for the Chatbot

Reason for Leaving: The contract came to an end.

MultiChoice (South Africa) – Contract

January 2016 – 31 March 2016

MultiChoice provide various entertainment packages like DSTV, GoTV, etc. Locally to South Africa and Southern Africa. Being employed as a Business Analyst in the financial department. The contract was to assist with financial year end influx of Business Intelligence BI requests.

Business Analyst

  • Setting up meetings with business to capture requirements from the business users and translate these requirements into a development requirement document in the Financial BI department.
  • Creating MS SQL scripts to extract data and analyse the data if there are any anomalies.
  • QA the BI reports developed by the development team.


  • Aligning data analysis (BI) and reports to business operations.

Reason for Leaving: Contract was only to assist with influx of work for Financial Year End.

Film Fun Holdings (South Africa)

May 2012 – November 2015

Film Fun Holdings is better known as Teljoy and consist of 3 main companies: Teljoy – Rental, – Business Systems, – Audio Visual, Hard Hat Equipment Hire and multiple business ventures of various sizes. Managing a team of 8 (4 in development and 4 in infrastructure / service desk) we looked after both the operational and non-operational tasks from IT strategy and DR of the group, to day to day backups and BI reporting. 70% of my day to day tasks as IT manager revolved around managing my team and the IT requirements, 30% is to build and maintain internal and external relations.

Business Analyst (BA), Systems Analyst (SA), Business Intelligence (BI) and Architect

  • Chairing JAD meetings between business owners and IT team to capture requirements.
  • Analysing business processes to:
  • Better formulate the actual business problems thereby assisting the customer to better understand the “actual” requirement.
  • Re-engineer business processes that is more fluent and automated saving time and ultimately money.
  • Map redundant software and business processes. This reduced complexity on all levels allowing the software team to focus on business value instead of maintaining superfluous code.
  • Managing the convergence of more than 15 apps to make use of a “master” set of data.
  • Integrating in-house software with apps like SysPro ERP, MS Outlook, MS CRM, etc.
  • Assisting the business and development team in designing BI reports that would make use of SSRS (MS SQL Reporting Services) and SSIS (MS SQL Integration Services). The SSIS packages were used in the ETL process gathering and presenting data from and to in-house and third party systems. This data was then presented through SSRS in various repot forms including graphical dashboards, graphs, PDF, MS Excel, MSWord, etc.
  • Introducing various dashboards in each department of the businesses to assist performance and business dynamics. These dashboards were displayed on large 40″ – 55″ screens in each department and included:
  • Live data by the minute – Number of orders and sales, incoming and outgoing calls, packing and shipping slips.
  • Daily data – Sales figures, orders to date, percentage reached of monthly targets.
  • Analysing various performance problems experienced in the applications used throughout the group (in-house and third party systems). If it was a software problem then re-designing the solutions and assisting the developers in rewriting the code (software code or MS SQL code) to perform better. If it was a hardware problem (slow or over utilised server / network / storage) then re-designing the solutions and assisting the hardware team to solve the problem.

Project Manager

  • Assist and manage both software and infrastructure projects.
  • Scheduling resources across 4 to 10 simultaneous projects.
  • Managing customer expectations and assist the customers in prioritising the projects according to business priority.
  • Projects included:
  • New solutions development and maintenance of existing solutions.
  • The merging of various in-house and third party software systems to run of a single master data set. This master set contained records of customers and products across the Film Fun Holdings group to increase BI reports and the businesses’ understanding of their customers’ behaviour. This understanding assisted the group in better understanding their customer that led to superior customer relationships, up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Opening of branches countrywide.
  • Implementing and maintaining infrastructure (Rollout of Win 7, Upgrading of servers, new network models, etc.).


  • Continuous feedback to the group on ExCo level on performance and deadlines.
  • Managing JAD sessions.
  • Communicating to the users of all levels to better understand the business requirements.
  • Writing various reports to present information for the monthly board pack, development progress, etc.
  • Actively noticing and managing conflict situations whether it be between team members, customers and the IT department, project and business priorities, etc.
  • Arranging discounts from R10,000 to R50,0000 with suppliers and contractors.
  • Communication to government (SABC) and private sector (DCX, FirstTec, TransUnion, etc) about business and business related subjects.

IT Manager and Mentor

  • Working with the development team and business to introduce monthly release cycles to drive towards an Agile environment.
  • Introducing formal development processes and documentation templates to assist in better:
  • Capturing of requirements
  • Analysis and design
  • That led to superior solutions and more satisfied customers
  • Mentoring the lead developer enabling him to run JAD sessions without my assistance.
  • Ensuring the team’s performance increase over time by introducing new methods and tools.
  • Creating and tweaking IT strategies to cement the group in the strongest commercial position.
  • Setup and maintain the group’s IT budgets, aligning it to the approved IT and business strategy.
  • Outsourcing tasks to external companies and finding the correct companies to outsource.
  • Managing and negotiating SLA’s
  • Managing and assisting in RFPs (Request for Proposals).
  • Mentoring team members in career and personal situations.
  • Managing the IT landscape consisting of:
  • 300+ IT users dispersed countrywide.
  • 40 Servers both virtual and physical.
  • 1 SAN fibre connected to a cluster of 3 VM Ware ESX 5.5 servers
  • 590 user devices including mobile devices.
  • 18 branches connected via Telkom MPLS / VPNS and other methods.
  • 3 internet breakout lines (2Mb each, 3 different providers and technologies) load-balanced and QoS.
  • 6 PRI, and 37+ BRI lines.


DevOps became a known term and trend in +- 2014. According to the web: DevOps (development and operations) is an enterprise software development phrase used to mean a type of agile relationship between development and IT operations. The goal of DevOps is to change and improve the relationship by advocating better communication and collaboration between these two business units.

Note that in most of my career I worked very closely to the above paragraph, always aligning development to business operations or infrastructure to business operations. At Teljoy it was our primary concern to align the entire IT department to business operations.

Technology Manager

  • Transformed the face of IT by implementing the use of VM Ware to virtualise the server environment.
  • Bringing in a EMC SAN and VMWare ESX 5.5, 3 server cluster to move towards a highly available and robust production environment
  • Implemented various paperless solutions to save the group more than R50,000 per month in printing costs.
  • Introduced mobile devices (both tablets and phones) as a viable business tool for the group.
  • Replaced the old antiquated PABX with a new VoIP system for under R600,000 with a total of 5 PRIs.
  • Replacing desktop PCs used for
  • Dashboard purposes with Raspberry PIs at a cost saving of R4,000 per dashboard.
  • POS systems with Micro PCs at a cost saving of R2,000 per unit.


  • Continuous feedback to the group on ExCo level on performance and deadlines.
  • Arranging discounts from R10,000 to R50,0000 with suppliers and contractors.
  • Communication to government (SABC) and private sector (DCX, FirstTec, TransUnion, etc) about business and business related subjects.


  • Mobile Device Management (MDM).
  • Various subjects including telephone systems, networks, firewalls, etc.
  • Operating Systems: various Linux distributions, various windows versions.

Reason for Leaving: Position was made redundant.

CJM IT Systems LTD (United Kingdom)

December 2009 – March 2012

CJM IT Systems specialise in IT support on all levels including networks, PCs, servers, mobile/cell phones, tablets, telephone systems, desktop and web software, CCTV and other technologies. As owner and manager of this business introduced me to a whole new level of experiences, not so much new categories of experiences other than what I have built up but everything in a more intense level. Day to day tasks involved 60% business management and 40% customer facing tasks.

Business Manager

  • Growing the business in various ways, obtaining new clients as well as growing business from existing customers.
  • Financial management of funds, accounts, marketing, etc.
  • Outsourcing tasks to external companies and finding the correct companies to outsource to.
  • Marketing and finding the best places to market at the lowest prices to improve ROI.
  • Conflict resolution between customers, suppliers and the business.


  • The mentor project started when a few young people contacted CJM IT Systems about placement and employment opportunities. For more details please refer to the Volunteer Work section.


  • Continual communication is a must in any business, communication with suppliers, customers, contractors, competition, etc.
  • Training and mentoring customers as well as students remotely and face to face.
  • Communication to government bodies about business and business related subjects.


  • Various subjects including remote support, CCTV, telephone systems, networks, etc.
  • Operating Systems: various Linux distributions, various windows versions.
  • Business solutions like CRM, IVR, Time management, etc.

Reason for Leaving: Returning to South Africa

Avery Weigh-Tronix ltd (United Kingdom)

August 2006 – March 2010

Avery Weigh-Tronix specialise in international software and hardware solutions for the weighing industry. Employment at Avery started as a Software Engineer and progressed to Project Manager holding various positions at senior level including Senior Software Engineer, Architect, Manager and Mentor. Day to day tasks involved 60% Project Management and Team Management, 30% Architectural and design and 10% Administrative (Change management and VM servers).

Project Manager

  • Team sizes up to 10 per project and up to 6 projects at any given time.
  • Project values from £ 70,000 – £ 225,000.
  • Diverse range of methodologies included spiral or phased, waterfall, bottom-up and Agile for quick turnaround.
  • 95% of time lines were met and ranged from a few months to ongoing maintenance cycles.
  • International products were released in USA, Canada, UK, Africa, Europe and Middle East.


  • Mentor Indian team leaders to take over as lead engineers.
  • Travelled to India to help-out and guide the Indian development teams on best practise, policies and procedures.
  • Successfully communicated new technology and development methodologies to the Indian team.

Analyst and Architect

  • Created software design specifications from marketing and customer requirement specifications.
  • Provided clear aims for componentisation and code reuse to speedup delivery and application maintainability.

Technology Manager

  • International administrator for Change Management software: AllChange.
  • Implemented the use of VM Ware for R&D, testing and live environments in India and UK.
  • MSDN subscription manager.
  • Delivery methods of software to clients like InstallShield and MS ClickOnce.
  • Application licensing to prevent loss of revenue.


  • Continual communication as Lead Engineer and Project Manager between UK and Indian office.
  • Training and mentoring Team Leads remotely and face to face.
  • Provided help in communication to legislative bodies on application changes in order to obtain recertification.


  • Separation of development and IT environment: Virtual PCs were chosen as development environment to prevent IT policies from clashing with development needs.
  • Operating Systems: Fedora and Ubuntu Linux, Vista and Windows 7.
  • Touch Screen: Touch Screen application development.
  • Image Capture: Capture and store images from camera devices.

Reason for Leaving: Starting my own business

Moneyfacts Group plc (United Kingdom)

November 2004 – June 2006

Moneyfacts specialise in the obtaining, analysis and representation of financial information from banks and building societies. The role as Product/Project Manager and Team Leader in an agile environment provided interesting and innovative ideas to form and be transformed into time saving solutions. Day to day tasks involved 50% Team and Project management, 40% Architectural and design and 10% Administrative (Change management and standards).

Project Manager

  • Team sizes up to 5 per project and up to 3 projects at any given time.
  • Project values from £ 18,000 – £ 100,000.
  • New projects followed Agile to rapidly produce functional releases.
  • Formalised documentation and development standards.
  • Performed documentation and code reviews.

Team Leader

  • Lead various teams in projects following mostly spiral and waterfall methodologies.
  • Also fulfilling the roll of Analyst and Architect on smaller projects.


  • Implemented various methods of automatically deliver and implement new versions of software.
  • System.Deployment.ApplicationDeployment and implemented the ClickOnce technology.
  • XML, Schemas, XSLT, XAML – eXtensible Application Mark-up Language.
  • Implemented Internet file download and unzip / zip in VB.Net.
  • Inno Setup Installation Packager.

Reason for Leaving: Career growth

RTIX Ltd (United Kingdom)

October 2003 – November 2004

RTIX specialise in applications for employee competency management. The role as Developer and Support Analyst allowed active contribution to the efficiency of the support department. Day to day tasks involved 40% Architectural and design, 20% Customer support and 20% Administrative (Change management and standards).

Project Manager

  • Team sizes up to 2 per project and up to 3 projects at any given time.
  • Project values from £ 20,000 – £ 65,000.
  • Formalised documentation and development standards.


  • Introduced Install Shield distribution packaging and Orca to modify MSI files.
  • Inno Setup Installation Packager.

Portal / Intranet and Time Tracking Project

  • Installed Portal and Time Tracking systems to enhance efficiency of the support department.

Northern Rock Investment Bank Project

  • Obtained customer requirements, analysed old system and implemented a number of changes to increase performance in the customised software.

Source Control

  • Introduced Microsoft Source Safe (VSS), installed, setup and obtained all code into VSS.
  • VSS administrator and quality control.

Reason for Leaving: Career growth

IQ Business Group (South Africa)

September 2001 – February 2003

A software house specialising in the financial sector. The role as Senior Analyst, Project Manager and Team Leader enabled expansion of management skills. Day to day tasks involved 50% Business and systems analysis, 20% Team management, 20% Architectural and 10% Administrative (Change management and quality assurance).

ABSA General Bank (Market Risk Division) Project – Senior Analyst, Project Manager

  • Through re-engineering of the business process the production run was shortened from 72 hours to 4 hours.
  • Reduced development time between 30% – 95% through introduction of code reuse, coding standards and change control.
  • Investigated and implement Rational Rose, RUP, UML and Oracle.

TMA Investment Bank Migration Project – Team Leader

  • Developed financial auditing applications to allow business migration to Investec Investment bank.
  • Introduced modelling and signoff procedures to prevent snowballing of requirement specifications.

Reason for Leaving: Migrating to the UK

Unico South Africa (South Africa)

January 1999 – August 2001

A software house specialising in CRM and ERP product customisation. The role as Software Developer on client site FedEX enabled completion of university studies.

Reason for Leaving: Company closed down.

Volunteer Work

IT Mentor (Internet)

January 2012 – Current

Providing IT training and mentoring to a few people over the internet, this came to be due to a few people contacting me about placement for work experience. Training include:

  • Different operating systems: MS and Linux.
  • Virtual technologies: VMWare and VirtualBox.
  • AV and virus removal using boot disks.
  • IT Security including proxies, firewalls, and general good practice.
  • Remote support technologies: VNC, Team Viewer, Log Me In.
  • Clean-up and maintenance of MS PCs.
  • PC and network security.


First Base (United Kingdom)

June 2007 – August 2009

First Base provides an Internet Café and E-Learning to the Public.

  • Analysed the infrastructure and set out a road map to upgrade all servers and client PCs.
  • Upgrade the old NT4 Domain/File server to a new Linux Domain Controller and Files server.
  • Installed a Linux Proxy and Internet filter.
  • Installed an Imaging server to re-image 30 PCs.

Learn Direct (United Kingdom)

May 2003 – August 2003

Learn Direct provides E-Learning to the Public and Public sector.

  • Installed and maintained Hardware and Software.
  • Part of the day-to-day client interaction was to assist in the tutoring of Learn Direct students.

Business Management

  • Outsourcing to contractors local or international.
  • How and where to advertise.
  • Acquisition negotiations, to buy equipment, services or other businesses.

Project Management

  • Managed projects spanning the Globe.
  • Managed inter team projects and successfully avoided time and resource conflicts between the different teams and priorities.

Team Leadership

  • Through the use and enforcing of coding standards and code reuse many projects were implemented in record time with precision, accuracy and under budget.
  • Mentoring international teams in UK and India.


  • Provide technical support and training at sites in UK, India, USA and South Africa.
  • Presentations and team projects have been testament to my abilities to communicate effectively and with confidence, both in speech and writing.
  • Capable of communicating with people at all levels and from different backgrounds, and has been responsible for introducing and guiding new employees in various companies.
  • Conflict resolution between employees, suppliers, customers and competition.


  • Enterprise and Customer Relationship Management: vTiger CRM, MS CRM, SysPro, Platinum ERP, Sage ERP.
  • Change and Project Management: Confluence, MS Project, Rational Rose, Rational Clear Case, All Change.
  • Methodologies: Agile, DevOps, SDLC, UML, OMT, Waterfall (top-down), Spiral.
  • Telephone Systems: IVR, VoIP, SIP.
  • Language and Databases: C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.
  • Operating Systems: Various Linux, Various Windows, ESXi.
  • Networks: WiFi, Cat 5 and 6, Firewalls, MDM, MPLS, VPN, POE, SAN, NAS, VLAN, Wireless Radio Networks, Fibre, Metro Ethernet.
  • Server Farm: ESX Server Cluster, SAN, TOR Switch, CORE Distro Switch.

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