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Plant FOOD Trees


In South Africa there is a shortage of food, yes we do produce a lot of food but not all are so lucky to get a good salary to buy fruit, nuts and other “normal” food. So we need to Plant Food Trees Everywhere.

We found a while back a few TED movies (Ron Finley, Stephen RitzPam Warhurst) about using the government land (the section of land between your house and the road) to plant food for the community, and this is what this campaign is all about.

Currently the government plant shade trees not FOOD trees. (What is in front of your yard and next to your roads?)

Here, there are many people that would benefit from additional nutrition. Not only the poor but also others that temporarily is without an income. Imagine if you could walk down your road and pick a few FOOD items… for FREE. Maybe a nut here and a peach there.

As this is also World Food month, I would like to ask you to assist us in planting a few FOOD trees.

Just to show you we are serious about this, we have cut down the old “useless” shade trees and planted 2 Pecan nut and 1 Macadamia nut trees in their place. See Campaign Photos.

We would love to plant hundreds of trees but for now, we ask for 5 trees, let’s see though, if we could make it 100 or what about 1,000?

Thank you ever so much!